Our client fell in love with this charming 1927 apartment the moment she saw it.  We immediately understood why.  Beneath the crumbling pastel-colored walls and faux wood paneling was a real gem.   It just needed a little TLC after not having any for nearly thirty years.   We restored the original features: plaster molding, oak flooring, and the wood-burning fireplace.

What made this project even more special was all of the unique pieces of furniture and art we got to fill it with. From Mid-century Modern to Victorian, this apartment has it all.  Art was found everywhere from thrift shops to remote art galleries half way around the world.  Everywhere you turn there is something interesting to look at that likely has an interesting story to go with it.


“Regan is an inspiration!  She listened carefully to my ideas, helped me streamline my style, and was able to put the entire concept together while keeping within my budget.  She was organized, responsive, and timely in in her service, which I have found is not true of all designers.  I had a wonderful experience working with Regan, and would do so again in a heartbeat.”