With Children's National mascot at the DC Design House preview night

With Children’s National mascot at the DC Design House preview night

When I tell people I’m an interior designer, they usually say something about how fun my job must be.  Yes, I’m lucky to be able to do something I love everyday.  Over the years friends have offered to be my assistant for a day, following me around town to showrooms and shops, lugging everything from tile and fabric to pieces of furniture.  When our backs are about to break, and we realize the loud grumbling noises are actually our stomachs,  I always ask, “still fun?”.  “Oh yea”, they say, every time.  Then they briefly consider leaving their jobs to become designers.  This has happened enough that it got me thinking about writing “a day in the life of a designer”.  

I recently relocated from NYC to DC, creating the perfect opportunity to start such a blog.  The move has been a transition for work, requiring me to make new connections and build local sources.  Just when I’ve familiarized myself with the DC Design Center, it’s moving!

It’s also proven to be a transition in lifestyle.  I moved from a tiny jewel of an apartment in the city to housesitting my parent’s 1950 colonial in the suburbs-ish.  In the city, I longed for trees.  Here, I’ve learned quickly the damage they can do.  Ever washed a load of laundry only to have all of the water come back up, flooding your laundry room floor?  Let me assure you, it’s not pretty.  Within a week I was battling a main drain backup and pinhole leaks in the living room ceiling.

Calling the plumber in one hand, putting together paint color schemes in the other.  That’s a day in the life of this designer.  And on Mondays, you’ll hear all about it.

Stay tuned.