Planning for the Show House has begun!

“The beach is about friends, family, and fun.  Whether it’s your favorite aunt, your college roommate, or a childhood friend, this guest room was created for that sassy woman you have invited to the beach”.

We are really excited about the theme of our room, and have a few sassy women in mind that we’d like to invite to the beach to sleep in it!

To many of us, the beach brings back fond memories of fun with friends and family.  To honor those memories, we thought we’d incorporate a sense of history into the room.   We started by searching for the perfect piece of vintage beach art to get our creative juices flowing.

Enter Ebay!  We found a gorgeous Cole of California bathing suit from the 1950’s.  The suit’s French blue and white diagonal stripes make it the perfect piece to showcase as inspiration for the room.  The suit is in excellent condition, with original shirring, boning, and a built-in skirt that ties in the back.  We love the finishing details, including a shoulder strap that buttons on the side.

 Concept Collage

Concept Collage

The bathing suit has helped us set the tone for the room.  With such a fabulous piece of art in our hands, our room is starting to come together just how we envision it to be.  A modern twist on a 1950’s theme!

Stay tuned to follow our design progress!